Squawker is still very much Under Construction

BADGUYTY's To Do list:

Previous 1-8

1. Create distribution method for SQUAWKER tokens as part of registration
2. Make profile submission page dynamic
3. Make sure profile submissions make it on the blockchain and not just in the database
4. Verify and fix tx fees are not consuming entire utxo and correct change is being returned.

9. Create market submission form
10. Create market view page
11. Create market submission endpoint.
12. Create method for atomic transaction creation in python.
13. Create method for completing atomic transactions in python.


14. create a Blog submission form
15. Create a Blog summary view page
16. Create a full Blog view page


17. Create a Video metadata submission page
18. Create a Video player page.

Encrypted Content and portal

19. Tap into community standards for creation, viewing, and consuming blockchain verified digital rights to media


So I bought the SQUAWKER RVN asset so I guess we will switch to that now. Hope this works out I guess. Well at least now we can create sensical sub topics like SQUAWKER#NEWS or SQUAWKER#BLOG for things that people want decentralized. It can all operate out of the same accounts. Not sure how we will handle it when we get a real application that can just publish directly to the blockchain without an intermediary to run the full node and ipfs.

Instructions Kaw using the Core Wallet.
Just don't it's too complicated.